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4562005--0-2-, 09. 0

Hahaha, erg leuk, jeugdherinneringen, heb vroeger ooit eens zo'n aankleedpopje, maar dan een chinese versie,
van mijn vader gekregen.


4562005--0-2-, 09. 2

Thanks! Very, very enjoyable to make. I got some ideas for new clothes and shoes from it too.

Though i doubt i ever will get purple boots like that :P


4562005--0-2-, 15. 2

Oh I love this present. Terrific!

Torsten Scholzel |e-mail

4562005--0-2-, 17. 0

nice, but why doesn't the underwear come off? :-)


4562005--0-2-, 17. 1

Yeah, missed opportunity, think of all the nice bra's and thongs i could have made there :)