The most


Identify the origins of the following lyrics. All the songs are in my possession, either on cassette, vinyl or CD. And to make it more difficult for myself: I played all these songs in the past weeks. (Apart from one - but it was the first quote i came across, so that one is in too!) Good luck and happy hunting!


The first one who emails me all the right answers will get a personal Box Full Of Surprises!

1.  Daddy don't need no lock and key
    for the piece he stowed
    out on Avenue D

2. Time after time I turned it round in my mind And now my mind is made up to leave the past behind me
3. There's no confusion in her conclusion She wants to waste my time and that's no delusion
4. I heard about you before I wanted to know some more And now i know what they mean: you're a love machine
5. You try to understand what she's trying to say She says: "You're only as good as the words you understand" And you don't understand a word
6. One day i'll read or learn to drive a car If you pass the test you can beat the rest
7. Doubt is over now and i can join in when you laugh Fascination makes us ask for more then we'd like to know
8. Now every bird and bee just fuels the fire for me Now every closing door just fans the flames some more
9. I'm sleeping, I'm flat on my back Never woke up, had no regrets
10. We are simple You are simple Like it simple too
11. He likes the guts i got, you're frigid and i'm not He's my boy, my kinky toy
12. I should have known right from the start Only hope can keep me together
13. Take me dancing tonight I wanna hit that high
14. Thank you for the truths you let me see sunny Thank you for the facts from A to Z
15. Something responds deep in our engines, we have all been burned Will heaven wait all heavenly over the next horizon?
16. Get your elbow out the soup You're sitting on a chicken
17. Silly games that you were playing, empty words we both were saying
18. When you hold me in your arms so tight You let me know everything's allright
19. Around the world Around the world
20. I don't need you to love me I don't need you to care
21. In March April May and June July August September soon He might replace the old with the moon It could be October, November even December So in January and February remember
22. Absolute a principal to make your heart invincible to love Ooh love you....
23. pussy pussy dicky dicky tiny tiny licky licky
24. It's circumstantial, it's nothing written in the sky And we don't even have to try
25. hey man slow down. idiot slow down

11 July 1997