A peaceful, quiet place.

I am walking along these roads for four months now, 23th of October 1997.
This resting place is a little corner along the way. Some breathing space, a place to relax and think about nothing in particular. "Unproductive" time.

This week i worked every night. Getting home from work at about 18.30-19.00, making something to eat, looking a little tv and then work. I tried something with transparent gif's and stripes and squares, a slow animation. But i think i tried too hard, forcing myself.
It's difficult sometimes to find the right balance between letting something happen almost accidently and work with a definite goal in my mind. I know when it goes the right way, but to get there is the difficult part. I have to search for clues, be very alert for all the little signs along the way.

This page came into my mind at the very start of this journey. Suddenly i felt very sad and wished i could make a homepage like any other, a simple presentation of me and my life. Saying 'this is me' 'this is my cat' 'this is my house' 'this is the music i like' 'these are the books i read' 'this is the work i do' 'these are my friends'.

Life isn't that simple.
Still, i would like to show some pictures and tell something about the things i like.

And then, after some rest, i get back on the road.
Maybe you would like to leave a message for me here?


The view from my house.