archives: pre-present projects

February 8, 1986

In terms of internet time, this is ancient. Made February 8, 1986. I wasn't even at artschool when i made this, still studying Industrial Design at the Technical University in Delft. I do remember the evening i made these drawings, not the making itself, but the surprise i felt once i was done. It was the first time i felt such a surprise. I had made something i didn't completely understand. Something that was talking back to me.

The drawings themselves are not big, postcardsize. Black ink and watercolour. The first one is about my life as it was right there and then. The house i was living in, the house of a friend just a around the corner, us dancing, the Euromast and Marconiplein in Rotterdam.

The drawings tell a story. My story. A story of liberation, freedom, fighting and a broken heart. I don't feel like them explaining them in detail, they're not that difficult to read anyway. I do like the almost childlike quality of the drawings, the clear bright colours and strong lines. Its hard to judge them though, analyse them and give them their proper place. Maybe because i feel that i'm still living the story they tell, and i'm not done yet.